October 2015 Employer Webinar

Common Knowledge: Determining Who Is a Common Law Employee and Counting Them Under the Affordable Care Act

October 13

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to determine who their common law employees are and include them in their headcount to determine their applicable large employer (ALE) status. Sometimes determining an employee’s status as a common law employee can be difficult. This webinar will discuss best practices for determining common law employee status and how employees determine if they are an ALE.

This webinar will:

  • Explain what a common law employee is
  • Discuss best practices for determining if an employee is a common law employee, including union employees and seasonal workers
  • Provide information on who is specifically excluded as a common law employee, including independent contractors
  • Discuss the Department of Labor’s new guidance on independent contractor classification
  • Discuss leased employees, temporary agency employees, and professional employer organization arrangements
  • Discuss employees who are working overseas, foreign workers, and workers on visas
  • Provide information on the process for determining how many full time and full time equivalent employees an employer has
  • Discuss how veterans with veteran health care are counted in the total ALE headcount
  • The rules an ALE must follow when designing common law employee’s waiting period and/or orientation period

This 90-minute basic to intermediate webinar will help employers understand how to determine which employees are a common law employee; and how large they are.

HR Certification Institute - Pre-apporved



Randal M. Limbeck

Presenter - Randal M. Limbeck

Randal M. Limbeck is a Shareholder in the Omaha, Nebraska office of Jackson Lewis P.C.

Randal has spent more than 25 years specializing in representation of clients in the areas of ERISA, employee benefits, and executive compensation. Mr. Limbeck has represented clients in a broad range of industries and size, including food processing, health care, government, technology, manufacturing, agribusiness, information services, banking and professional practices. Randal’s employee benefits and executive compensation clients include large, publicly traded companies and well known private companies, and a wide range of professional service organizations.

Mr. Limbeck’s practice involves design, document drafting, employee communications, litigation and assisting clients in dealings with the IRS and Department of Labor.





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