Compliance Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Stay Apprised of Employer Obligations for Benefit Plans and HR

United Benefit Advisors ACA Advisor

Employers have a number of obligations and opportunities the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The UBA ACA Advisors designed to help employers stay informed and manage changes in benefits compliance and labor laws.

United Benefit Advisors Compliance Advisor

The ACA is just one of a multitude of laws impacting employer benefit plans. UBA Compliance Advisors help employers understand the latest developments in COBRA, HIPAA, and other labor laws that affect the way they manage those plans.

United Benefit Advisors HR Advisor

With the UBA HR Advisors, employer HR professionals have a resource to stay up to date on regulatory changes and help mitigate risk.

To speak with an advisor, please visit our office location page to find a UBA Partner in or near your market or contact us directly at 312.416.3660.

Premium Insights

Premium insights are UBA propriety knowledge that draws on the research and experience of UBA legal staff and other sources. Complex laws and regulations are reviewed, simplified, organized, and uniquely packaged for ease of use.


Executive Updates

Exclusive updates are guides prepared by UBA legal and compliance staff that address frequently asked questions and that clearly explain key legislative rules and regulations that affect employers.


Legislative Summaries

Legislative summaries feature overviews of proposed and enacted legislation impacting benefits and HR in one easily accessible location.



The following are a few of the compliance solutions available through your local UBA Partner Firm

HR Elements Newsletter

A bi-monthly newsletter highlighting the latest compliance and HR-related trends and topics.

Compliance Alert and Newsletter

Keeps you informed about the changes in major health care law and potential violations.


Get first-hand knowledge of compliance and labor laws from some of the nation’s leading legal experts.

Legal Resources

Credible answers from a leading labor law firm in a practical and business-oriented approach.

Compliance dashboard

Easy-to-navigate web portal provides a wealth of timely information and tools to track progress on compliance tasks.

Other Compliance Tools

Model medical reimbursement plan, SPD plan, and plan wrap documents and compliance checklists.