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Government workers have best health insurance

Who are the least and most expensive employees to provide health insurance for? And which employer category offers the most coverage at the lowest cost to employees?

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The Demise of the Small-Group Market? Exchanges Will Reshape It, but Won’t Kill It

Reprinted from INSIDE HEALTH INSURANCE EXCHANGES, a hard-hitting newsletter with news and strategic insights on the development and operation of public and private exchanges.

Federal tax credits, required guaranteed issue coverage and rising premiums are giving small employers more incentive to eliminate health benefits and encourage employees to shop on the public insurance exchanges, industry observers tell HEX. In response, insurance carriers and brokers are working on strategies to maintain relationships with those employers and workers…even as they transition to the individual market.

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Employers Are Delaying Health Plan Renewals

In 2014, 32% of employers are delaying their health plan renewal date to December 2014 to avoid rate increases, according to a survey by United Benefit Advisors (UBA). NIntety-four percent of the employers that are delaying the renewal date are small businesses in the under 100-employee market.

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Advisers brace for ACA-induced Dec.1 renewal ripple effect

While the benefits industry has seen a whirlwind of change since the rollout of health care reform began, the full impact of the Affordable Care Act has yet to be felt and advisers are still bracing for its aftermath.

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Surge in Employees’ Share of Health Costs

Employees paid more out-of-pocket costs, saw family benefits reduced

While U.S. employers have seen modest health plan cost increases in recent years—average annual cost per employee was $9,302 in 2013 versus $9,504 in 2014—employers continue to shift more of the financial burden to employees through out-of-pocket cost increases and reductions in family benefits, according to the 2014 UBA Health Plan Survey.

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